Abracadabra & Y

one evening,
hot and sultry,
the parents of the girls sitting on the porch of their small bungalow.
it is painted pink, aqua and lavender.
(after going to jamaica for their anniversary, they painted their house the same colors as the small houses there.)
they have placed their cage of multi-colored finches on the porch with them,
they are serenaded by the birds cheerful chirrupping.
without their girls, the days move by slowly.
the birds and their garden with flowers of every shade imaginable keep them company.

an idea occurs to the father:
let's call noirette and see what she is doing!
he picks up the small cell phone the girls gave them for christmas.
(they still dont know why they have to have it. they have a perfectly good phone on the hall table).

after a few rings, he hears the sound of his daughter's voice:
her father answers:
hi sweetie, your mother and I were wondering what you were doing.
noirette to her father:
hi dad! wow! this is a bit of coincidence.
you are about to get a surprise.
just then, the biggest black stretch limo pulls up in front of their little house.
a door opens (the tinted window glinting black in the sunlight)
and out step twelve tall stunning beauties with long, smooth raven hair and porcelain skin, crimson-lipped, violet-eyed.
blusharina & rougine,
tangerenata & jaunnette,
absinthia & verdana,
azura & indiga,
violettina & sepia,
blanchetta & noirette have come home.
their mother looks up,
and if you were there,
and if you were to have looked carefully,
where tears have pooled in her lovely, aging, violet eyes,
small rainbows sprang to life.

(the end)

All writing contained in this website 1998-2005 by Betty A. Parker