(Washington, DC)

chatting on her cell phone to her sister,
cooking for the party at the embassy,
her third this week.
fruit salads of kiwi, granny smith apples and honeydew melon,
sour apple martinis,
watercress mousse on slices of baguette,
chilled cucumber & dill soup,
thai dishes with lemon grass & green papaya,
sushi ignited by wasabi,
early spring green salads sprinkled with pistachios,
key lime mousse tart with white rum flavored whipped cream,
iced green tea drinks.
pots of paphiopedlium orchids at each table,
her parakeets chirrup in the background,
and the first tree buds in spring.
chartreuse against the gunmetal lavender sky of spring washington storms.
her pager goes off for the tenth time this afternoon
it is a text page from her sister. . .

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