I celebrated the launch of Passionfruit by sharing with you a trilogy of poems called "The Art of Longing". May they remind you of that person you long for. May they long for you in response. . .


this dark hand surrounds mine holding roses
two crimson
one sunset
three blush so pale they are nearly white
our faces explore their scent together
my lips only seconds away from yours
and I gaze up into eyes of warm melted chocolate
tonight, no one but you exists in all of forever
you feed me
I feed you
taste by taste
heartbeat by heartbeat
I touch your lips in this one nearly forbidden act
I'll bring my face to the roses once more
to touch where you touched
to smell what you smelled
the world will go on tonight
but will never be big enough to hold my wanting for your mouth


I dreamed of sleeping with you
In a rooftop garden
On a shimmering black-glass evening
On a soft bed beneath a luscious carpet
Deep scarlet purple & azure
From a place of heat and spice
Watching dark you
Flying in liquid shadow dreams
Drunk with the glowing white perfume of a haunting moon
Draped by sweet green summer tendrils & blossoms
A moment behind in time
We ate heart-shaped bittersweet chocolate cookies
And flame-colored mango
& I must tell you
I worshipped the gleaming of your eyes
& all the shining sacred scented sight of you
I whispered so as not to wake
Please love me
If only for all my life


it is night
as my bath is shimmerlit by a tiny flame
my dreams & i fly deep in the scent
green tea
the missing of your kisses haunts
this warm languidness
remembering sweet yesterday
a single song holds the perfume of my longing,
the singer's voice
to want & want & never have
my love for you lives in the taste of your whispers

All writing contained in this website 1998-2005 by Betty A. Parker