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favorite color - purple (can you tell?)

favorite foods - lobster, thai, indian and ethiopian food

favorite desserts - tiramisu, fresh fruit tarts (best from le pain quoitedien), rose religieuse and lily of the valley macaron from laduree in paris

favorite drinks - coke, thai iced tea, iced vanilla tea latte

favorite musical artists - everything but the girl, tracey thorn, the blue nile, cocteau twins, sade, maxwell, craig david

favorite holidays - valentine's day, 4th of july and may 31st (my anniversary!)

favorite city - paris, france

favorite restaurants - teaism & thaiphoon - dc,

favorite tv - no reservations with anthony bourdain, poirot, barefoot contessa, any of nigella lawson's shows, addams family, little britain, young ones, absolutely fabulous, father ted, as time goes by, keeping up appearances, last of the summer wine, are you being served?, waiting for god, to the manor born, fawlty towers, invader zim

And thanks to Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy for the Dancing GIR!

favorite movies - amelie, the enchanted april, tea with mussolini, hotel splendide, before sunrise, before sunset, wuthering heights (newer version with juliette binoche and ralph fiennes), marie antoinette, jean cocteau's beauty and the beast, WALL-E, ratatouille, the secret garden, babe the pig

other favorites - everything about our trip to paris (walking everywhere at night, the twinkling eiffel tower, the museums, laduree and pierre herme, the luxembourgh gardens, a beautiful little tearoom on the rue de medici, having breakfast everymorning with my love!) the full moon, crashing thunderstorms, re-runs of the addams family, edward gorey, riding on amtrak at night, peaks island in maine, fireflies, warm summer nights in washington listening to the cicadas from my window, bach played on the harpsichord, roger et gallet's linden blossom soap, maxfield parrish, sitting on the steps of quincy market in boston eating a piece of pizza or a fresh fruit cup, sitting up writing in the middle of the night, listening to the sounds of the city sleeping through my window, watching sleeping.

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My favorite music and books:

. . . a love that is allowed to adapt is virtually indestructible.

(this is for Mr. Victor-Nice-to-Kitties-Man)

to mom and dad for doing the things that made this all possible

to cardie, superman, benevolent warrior, hero and miracle in so many people's lives. please never under-estimate your impact on my life. i won't let you forget your dreams.

to all of my DC family for being there for me.

to everyone else i love who let me bore them to tears while I rattled on and on about all my ideas and dreams! thanks to byron for reading even the earliest of my writings, to daniel for all the editing ideas, to bob for his support (I know you can see me and I know you are happy), to chezi. we can thank craig for bringing us together! thanks for everything, girl!, to kosh (my sister) for letting me bounce things off her, to james for listening and the tech support (and later, the best man support!), to joe and chris for giving me the time to let me be re-born as a writer, to paul for showing me an article about joni mitchell, to charles (don't write novels on my cups!!) for reminding me to do what I needed to do, to bud for his encouragement and appreciating me for me. and thanks for everyone else in my life who have cared about me and given me support!

thank you to the canadian art centre for the picture of the fruit tart.

most of all, to God, for He makes all things possible