(New York)

kissing goodbye to white rabbit, gossamer and jack russell terrier, bijou
locking the door behind her,
and taking a cab to a mid-town restaurant,
through the snow.
waiting for her client
sipping from a beautiful clear and frosted glass filled with cheerfully sparkling water,
surrounded by calla lilies, phalaenopsis orchids,
orange, lemon and lime blossoms,
white roses & white ranunculus,
casablanca lilies,
white lilacs, white peonies, white tulips.
dishes go by
held high on steady hands destined for other diners;
dishes concocted from glass noodles and rice paper,
jicama, hearts of palm and hearts of artichoke,
scallops and poached white fish,
from white peaches, white chocolate,
fragrantly exotic rose and orange blossom water,
her clients order vanilla ice cream & coconut sorbet, she ordered white chocolate mousse,
but was brought mixed fruit tart.
she sent it back.
she returns home.
the snow has turned to fog.
and as she stares out from behind white lace curtains,
a courier comes with a delivery for her:
a pot of blackberry chambord jam tied with black organdy bow and an armload of white tulips
surrounded by cellophane, sent to her by her twin sister. . .

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