midnight -
in a small patisserie in the lobby of a pink art deco hotel,
Blusharina is still serving desserts.
friday is pink-and-white day.
this is south beach.
at the late hour of the day,
only one and one quarter scoops left of each featured flavor:
pink grapefruit and strawberry sorbet,
raspberry ice cream,
cherry rhubarb gelato,
two small decorated cakes left,
pink and white frosted,
one reads "happy birthday"
the other "happy anniversary, Jack and Harry! ".
the shop is decorated for the day:
cyclamen, pink roses, pink and white anthurnium, dendrobium orchids, fuschia,
blush colored tulips and pink ranunculus,
armloads and armloads of cherry blossoms:
pink clouds.
her small pet pig, Plantagenet, wearing large pink bow, snoozing in the corner.
the last of the customers have left for the day.
powdering her nose with clouds of pink powder
and snacking on handrolls of rice, cream cheese, smoked salmon, shrimp and prosciutto
and iced guava nectar
she receives a phone call. . .

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