these poems are for my sweet baby dogs, Blinken and Chloe. I know they run in the fields of Heaven, stopping only to look in on me from time to time.

two poems for two dogs

for Blinken (11/8/72 - 5/17/82)
a dear white dog flew to the rose-scented garden of heaven
on a beautiful summer evening,
the little black and white sister she did not know soared to this garden many warm summer yesterdays after.
time is a shimmering liquid the nearer you are to God.
& I wondered at His taking our sweetest ones on the sweetest of days.
I waited and listened for a sacred whisper from above
& was grateful for the soft shining answer.

for Chloe Anemone (1/31/83 - 6/27/97)
there was a tiny black and white puppy.
she was a gift to us from God.
from the moment she bounded into our lives, we loved her.
we watched her surrounded by glowing sleep.
we cuddled deep in her soft hay-scented fur,
snuggled & played in the sun,
kissing the dear soft black diamond on her head.
one beautiful summer day, we let her fly away to the open hands of God.
in the twilight she is an angeldog,
soaring with the shimmering sacred stars,
flying in the violet sky of heaven.
I will remember always her gentle dark eyes.
she whispers & flickers in & out of our dreams.
I pray not to cry as I know the brilliant light she is.
we shall celebrate her sweet life with shining joy forever.

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