this is for him.
he has been my sweetest joy and my greatest pain, but I know he is with me always.

the dark house

there is a solitary house
standing alone on a dark moor.
a single ever-burning candle glimmers in the window.
in that window,
in that house,
my soul lives there with yours.
in the darkness,
under the lowering sky,
the thrashing wind,
the crashing thunder and lightning,
we live there together,
in peace.
it has been nearly a year since my soul joined yours here.
the light of my love for you burns through the darkness of my life,
bringing a warmth that I had never felt until now.
i make no excuse for my blind devotion to you for this gift you have given me.
as I lie in my bed this night,
shivering with the emptiness of missing you,
somehow I know with all certainty,
that on that dark moor,
a small light figure is nestled deep in the arms of a darker one,
a glow shimmering around us both.
the angelghosts of you and I,
are warm and sleeping,
in that bed,
in that house,
sheltered from the wind and the rain.
and I know my soul is always protected by yours.

All writing contained in this website 1998-2005 by Betty A. Parker