The Sisters Colouratata

(A series of vignettes portaying the lives of several sisters, whose names were inspired by the names of colors.)

Once in time, there were twelve little girls, six sets of identical twins, born to the Colouratata family.

Their father, Abracadabra, a magician by trade and his beautiful wife and assistant Y, were overjoyed to be blessed with so many beautiful little girls. (why did the parents of Y name her Y? I must say I cannot say Y).

The girls' eccentric and prolific parents named them Blusharina & Rougine, Tangerenata & Jaunnette, Absinthia & Verdana, Azura & Indiga, Violettina & Sepia, Blanchetta & Noirette. Each of the girls was identical to each other and to their mother, a tall stunning beauty with long, smooth raven hair and porcelain skin, crimson-lipped, violet-eyed.

The following are their stories. . .

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