My Friends/Art Tribe

Our friend/best man James Muir's MySpace site for his band Router. He is a very dear, old friend and his voice still gives me chills.

Cardie Clanton - Spoken Word Poet. His words are powerful when read, even more powerful when heard in person. Consider yourself blessed to have seen him perform.

Lahkem Burrell's MySpace site White Label Magazine. He is the most multi-tasking, multi-talented artist I know. His talent shines in everything he does from rap to fashion, from graphics to his new mixtape magazine.

Official Music Sites

Craig David's official site. his new album is on its way out anyday.

British band Everything But the Girl's Official site (recently updated - first major update since 1994)

Buzzin' Fly Records - Label started by Ben Watt from Everything But the Girl. Includes a really fun mini downloadable mp3 player called a FlyPod sampling the artists signed to the label.

Tricky Online - Tricky's Official Site. Don't ask me why am fascinated by this man and his music. I just am.

Art & Literature Sites

Postal Seance - a mini-site for the funny but interesting Henrik Drescher book. Testing a theory that if you send a postcard to someone who has died and it isn't returned by the post office, it must mean they received it!!

Goreyography - A site devoted to the late Edward Gorey. I loved his subversive sense of humor and gorgeous little gothic drawings!

Edward Gorey Mystery Games - These are wonderful little Shockwave games that Edward Gorey designed for the "Mystery" series on PBS. Too much fun!!

The Willow Tea Rooms - A wonderful site from The Willow Tea Rooms, designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, a brilliant art nouveau architecht and artist.

The House for an Art Lover - Another site honoring a building designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Peter Max Online - I've loved Peter Max's work for a long time. His work has undergone a lot of changes, but always remained happy, colorful and inspirational.

Restaurant and Club Sites

Washington, DC - Dupont Circle

Teaism - one of my favorite Pan-Asian restaurants.

Thaiphoon - a really great Thai restaurant.

Washington, DC - U Street/Cardozo

Busboys and Poets - my new favorite spot in DC! A great bookstore, a beautiful bar and restaurant and performance space.

The 9:30 Club - the best club in DC to see the best performances. I've seen Everything But the Girl, Sweetback and Craig David there.


Nobody's Little Weasel

Times Are Hard For Dreamers

Games and Other Diversions

Orisinal Game Site - fun games, some fast-paced, some sweet and relaxing.

Fun site! Caution: under no circumstances should you go to the games section! The game called "pixelHugger in the Field of Typography" is completely addictive!!


Free Will Astrology - very deep, insightful horoscopes. Updated weekly.