For my friends N and A (miss you so much). . .

Moment of Luminescence

They glow.
They shimmer.
God intended this moment of their togetherness from the time they were born.
They glide through this place of alleged beauty and perfection,
Drawing looks from everyone.
But they define beauty.
Individually and together, their essence is irresistible, addictive.
And as they try on scents together,
Trading their secret glances,
Knowing each other's secret thoughts,
I am privileged to be included in this, their last day together.
And as I smell each scent they test,
This one tincture of green,
the next essence of sweet,
the next reduction of sweeter still,
I am part of them, if only for a few hours.
The act of writing this makes me cry as I feel their palpable longing for each other.
Worry not, angels.
You will be together again soon.

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