The Purple Tulips

To witness was their purpose
Their short life ending
In an art deco vase the color of clotted cream.
They watched as you practiced that rarely-spoken about erotic art called "Cooking For Someone You Love".
Or, more specifically, "Cooking For One Youčve Just Fallen in Love With All Over Again."
Later on,
In the darkness,
They witnessed the unfolding,
The re-blossoming
Of a love,
Long untended,
Never forgotten.
Overgrown with others' words,
Other's touches.
But this night,
We cut away those other lives and
Witness to the petal-by-petal re-birth
These tulips were reminded of themselves in infancy.
After you left
I glanced up at their dead stalks,
Topped in darkest purple paper petals
Understood their higher purpose,
And silently thanked them for their life.

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