(Someplace in Morocco)

in a small chic french restaurant,
Rougine calls her sister on her cell phone.
a man in a red fez has been staring at her since she freshened her bright vermillion lipstick. eating lobster and tomato salad,
strawberry tart for dessert.
drinking tea of hibiscus and rosehips in a red and gold moroccan tea glass.
table is decorated with a large vase of frilled red and white parrot tulips.
she walks home through the heat of the day,
takes her laptop into her small lush garden to work.
growing a crimson jungle of amarylllis,
pomegranates, strawberries, raspberries,
rhubarb, red currants,
dragron fruit and blood oranges.
sips a drink made of sparkling water and cassis syrup,
in another red and gold moroccan tea glass
she has sent sets of glasses to some of her sisters,
she checks her e-mail
there is one from her sister. . .

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