tiny, antiquated shop on a narrow back street,
which claims to have sold sweets to the court of louis XVI
she spends her days selling excellent quality desserts
(she and her sister blusharina share their love of sweets):
perfect chocolates with every combination of flavorings imaginable,
chocolate cream brulee, earl grey tea ice cream, tiramisu.
mocha/amaretto marble cheesecakes,
countless other concoctions made of vanilla beans,
coffee beans,
cocoa beans
followed by large steaming cups:
lattes and bittersweet hot chocolate swirled with foam & cream in decorative designs
sepia nibbles tea eggs she brought for a snack,
next to elegant art nouveau vases holding bronze iris and copper pansies.
she looks out at the fading afternoon light
wonders if her brown and white rabbit, hoobert, and her hedgehog renaldo miss her.
she takes a moment to call violettina
and hears the chime ring on her laptop:
two of her sisters want to instant message with her . . .

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