the unwritten poem

you must have wondered
wondered when you would touch my life in a way that would make a mark
wondered when the day would come
the day the poem was about you

there were so many times
so many stillborn poems
a passion I had to live again in order to utter
a passion I had long ago placed in the most beautiful box
shimmering in my hands
all red and purple organza ribbons
sitting on a shelf

reaching up on occasion, I would check on my precious gift
life gave it to me that many yesterdays ago
it rested undisturbed
sleeping its peace
and breathing its life
just barely below where I could feel it at times

but life had taken you from me
so long ago
so my passion remained locked away

one unremarkable night
in a night of no moon
this precious object of memory
so carefully cared for and secretly kept alive somewhere deep
without warning
was re-born back into my world

I hold it in my arms
a child I never had
so famiiar to me in so many ways
but yet so fresh and new and different

thank you for giving me back what I held for you all this time
thank you for again giving life to something so beautiful it makes me cry
its name can now be spoken
and my gratitude to you for this chance,
I leave it at your feet
as my sacred offering

I have no way to know if you are my future
all I know and all I want to know
is the sweetness of now

All writing contained in this website 1998-2005 by Betty A. Parker