opening day of a tiny bright shop in notting hill.
as a bright spot no matter how gloomy the english weather,
she will sell small pots of grass, palm trees, cactus,
small herb gardens in beautiful pots,
verdigris garden furniture,
french lettuce & cucumber soap.
she leaves a message for her twin sister absinthia on her voice mail
and takes a short lunch break:
vegetarian antipasto platter -
spinach salad, artichokes, cucumber,
mange-tout, asparagus covered by a light pesto sauce,
pale, crisp water crackers
spread with cream cheese and topped by jewel-like dollops of an exotic green tomato jam,
haunted by the essence of vanilla beans
(lime cookies for dessert).
she sips an iced tisane mixture,
(given to her by absinthia)
from a green and gold moroccan tea glass
(sent to her by her sister rougine in morocco),
garnished with mint leaves and slices of lime.
as she finishes her lunch, she re-reads the notecard she received from her sister. . .

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