zero again

i finally decided to leave the past behind me and move on.
and tonight i sit here before an unfamiliar face,
as i look into your eyes, they are the same shade of night, but they are not his eyes.
i am excited by the prospect of learning all the newness of you,
but i won't deny the slightest tug of my heart, calling me ever so quietly, back to him.
so, in an effort to focus on you, i concentrate only on the details of now.
i am aware of the lushness of this moment.
i am in a beautiful, historic city, in the warmth of summer,
surrounded by hibiscus and cannas and the metallic sound of cicadas.
i sip my deeply orange thai iced tea, with its nearly overwhelming sweetness.
i watch you look at my lips each time i take a sip and i wonder if your kiss will be as sweet.
i take bites of a small exotic salad of greens, slices of duck and a light dressing,
bright with lime
biting with chili.
the unusual combination of flavors remind me of the unfamiliarity of being with you.
our conversation is as interesting and intriguing as i had imagined it would be.
you challenge me and i like that.
i take small bites of mango and coconut sticky rice.
the taste of mango has become more familiar to me in the time I have lived here than the taste of peach was before.
i am grateful for a city where men like you and meals like this occur in the same plane of existence.
we walk out into the summer night.
you take my hand.
and my life is reset to zero again.

All writing contained in this website 1998-2005 by Betty A. Parker